Safeguarding Teenage Intimate Relationships, aka STIR, is a research project funded by the Daphne III Programme of the European Commission’s Directorate General Justice. It is a 2-year project for young people and with young people.


This project aims to understand the influence of new technologies and social networks on young people’s intimate relationships. We have designed this project to give you the chance to reflect on your own relationships and be aware of the ways control and violence occur through technologies and face to face.


  1. Research about young people’s relationships in the Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, Norway and UK.
  2. Interviews and questionnaires to get direct information and experiences from 4600 young people.
  3. Young people’s advisory groups in each country.
  4. Development of the websites and and of the app.

STIR Project Partners and the Young People’s Groups

6 organizations and universities have worked together to make sure that in the end the results of the project would be useful to you.

Bulgaria Young People’s Advisory Group

Cyprus Young People’s Advisory Group

Italy Young People’s Advisory Group

Norway Young People’s Advisory Group

UK Young People’s Advisory Groups

UK Young People’s Advisory Groups